Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Project End of Days

In 1999 T. Byron Kelly began gathering his poems for a final comprehensive collection of his poetry he called Project End of Days @ http://www.projectendofdays.com

Friday, March 26, 2021

Studio Appalachia

SA currently produces music from the artists of Spectral Arts, Project Rainbow, Cinema X and Ghost House Collective. Poetry & Art by T. Byron Kelly, W.C. Harris, Dark Horse Poets, Outlaw Poets, North/South Appalachia & the Virginia/West Virginia Arts Outreach @ studioappalachia.com

The Appalachian Restoration Project

The Appalachian Restoration Project attempts to reclaim and redefine Appalachian identity from within. Take the survey and share your thoughts @ studioappalachia.com/appalachian-restoration-project.html  https://appalachianrestoration.blogspot.com

Inclusive Electronic Publication

Inclusive electronic publication for Appalachian Poets & Artists is provided by Studio Appalachia @ darkhorseappalachia.blogspot.com northsouthappalachia.blogspot.com wvarts.livejournal.com & for Outlaw Poets worldwide @ outlawpoetsus.blogspot.com Contact studioappal@gmail.com for more information.